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Young seeker saved

Lately there are not always large groups of people, but as we wait on the Lord He arranges it so we meet the right people.

One team was working in a park, walking through, waiting at times for new people to come. As they walked to a pavilion they found a young man sitting at a table. In talking they found that he had started going to a church on Sundays he was not working and that his grandmother was a Christian. Turns out he was seeking the Lord.

We took him through the band and verses and found he had never had it explained that way.
He was ready and invited Jesus to come into his life.

Since he had already started going to a church he was already taking steps on his own to be able to grow in the Lord.

The Lord had this timed in that this young man needed to be instructed on how to get saved so He arranged this meeting.

As we go out, we don’t know the plans that God has for people and how He works to speak to people at the right point in their lives as one of the steps He is working in them.

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