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Man saved west central neighborhood @ Broadway Outreach

As a team walked the streets of West Central Neighborhood, they encountered a few people along the way who were already saved but open to being prayed for.

As they still sought, though, to find those people that need to be saved they continued. In walking they ended up across from Swinney Park. As they paused and talked about one of the historic houses, a man came walking from the park across the street up the sidewalk past the team. As they spoke to him he was willing to stop and talk.

They asked him between 0 and 100% how sure he was he would go to Heaven. His response was 75%, and we wanted to know how to be 100% sure. So the team shared the Bible and Band with him.

In explaining about the verses, it came to a point where he asked how do we get our sins gone. So they told him the answer was in the green tab.

The man was very open and invited Jesus into his life. Afterward he was smiling and you could see he had joy.

He was a church goer, but never had this explained to him.

He was glad to exchange info so the team will be following up with him.

In all the walking and talking along the way, not sure which street or turns the team would make, it’s amazing how God works that out and brings people in contact at just the right time to get the Word to them!

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