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Your contribution here goes toward outreach and the work of revival in the local Fort Wayne area. TTR contributions go towards the activities of the national team out of Texas.

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Outreach Activties


Alot has been happening with revive during the last year and alot is continuing to happen!

A team with members from Fort Wayne and surrounding area have traveled to other places to train leadership and to do outreach. Results have been very good with many being saved, healed and wanting followup.

During last summer, reviveFortWayne carried out two monthly outreaches at two of the churches in town every month. One church had outreach going on two or three times per week from July to November where people were saved, encouraged, baptized, re-commited their lives and healed.

During last summer we also had a 3 day Engage event in July for the 2 year anniversary... one day at First Assembly and two days at Central Ministries ending with a celebration on a Saturday night.

Discipleship has taken on a new direction with it being done in teams or pairs. This provides support for those doing the discipling and changes the dynamic when they meet together with the new believer. A team or part of the team that does the original encounter will then go back to visit the person maybe taking along some others who will be involved in the discipling. This way they have a chance to meet and build a relationship. Ongoing support is now being provided for the disciplers so that they are not put out to do it all by themselves. As we progress we are learning better ways to do it so that this results in a continual steady work of revival and reaching the lost.

This year we are concentrating effort and support for the Engage encounters happening at various churches during different weeks of the months vs only a couple of times per year. We are supporting those already involved in the work to build upon those efforts.

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