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The Seed Planted – the Work of God being done!

In giving testimonies I think this needs to be posted.

As teams go out, people have been encountered that never really heard the Gospel explained to them clearly as to what it takes to be saved and go to Heaven.

When asked, they aren’t sure they would go and are open to hearing about it.

So the teams plant the seed of the Word in them. This group of people, when hearing, are not ready yet to commit their lives to Jesus. But this is very important, because now that the seed is planted, God can use it and work in their lives to bring them around to the point where they are ready to commit to Jesus.

No one ever picks the fruits from a garden without someone first planting the seeds so they can grow.

When we plant, this work is just as valid as when we get a glory and people get saved. God has to have something to work with in their life, and that something is the Word of God, the good news planted in them.

So be encouraged and know that anytime you are sharing the Good News, the work of the God is being done!

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