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Back healed and kids saved 7-1-19

Our team walked up to a porch where a mom and three kids were sitting at sunset. The mom was getting her back rubbed by the young girl. We asked if she had pain?
She said yes she had broke her back at work a couple years ago and had had pain ever since, all the time.
We asked if we could pray for her back? We laid our hands on her in three places where it had been broken. The Lord was faithful and sent pain relief right away. She was very surprised and moved around a little bit. She said it was still hurting some, so we prayed again.
This time she had no more pain!
The Lord had healed her back completely at that time!
She was so surprised, she said, “I have to sit down so I can think about what just happened!”
Her 9yr old daughter was so excited, she said, I want Jesus too!
She also had a 12-year-old boy,and a 5-year-old boy.
Our team led each child through the Bible verses, making sure they understood what that meant. They asked Jesus to come and live in their hearts!
The Lord is faithful to provide what we need and always close by.

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