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Freedom for the Captive. 6-3-19

Our team went to a retirement community for a picnic/party.
We prayed with many people for healings and pain. Afterwards we went inside and ate picnic food.
As I sat with a Lady who was a resident there, the Holy Spirit started speaking to my heart on what she needed to hear.
She was sharing with me a burden that she had been carrying in her heart for 50 years. She was trying to hold back tears as she was remembering and trying to decide what she could have done different perhaps.
I asked her, if she remembered the Bible verse that said Jesus came to set the captives free? She said yes.
I looked her right in the eye, and told her that she was that captive right now. That the Lord had came to set her free from that burden!
She looked surprised to think of herself in that way. But as I prayed with her and asked the Lord to release her from that burden, she started to really cry and she realized that she didn’t have to live with that anymore.
Jesus died for our freedom, and when we receive it, we can have it fully!

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