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Washed by the Word

My team was led to go to a local laundry mat recently. We asked permission to walk around and pray with people in there.
We met and encouraged seven different people during the 45 minutes we were there.
But the story that stands out the most from that outing, was when we walked up to a man who put his phone down and said yes he would like prayer. He had lost his job, and asked for stability and a sound mind.
We prayed with him and encouraged him, and after that we spoke to him about the Armor of God. This is found in Ephesians 6.
He was very thankful, and asked how we were led to speak to him there that day? He said the Lord had been sending people into his life over the last week and a half.
He was so encouraged and relieved, he thanked us over and over for coming in and speaking to him.
God is so good to make himself known to the hurting people who are struggling.

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