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Business trip

We were led to a local hotel by a vision when we were praying about where to go. When we arrived there we found four businessman playing pool. They welcomed us and we joined in playing the game and talking.
Eventually the conversation turned around to the history of Fort Wayne and why we are called the City of Churches,(it was written on the hotel lobby wall!)
We talked about the history of when Revive Indiana came to Fort Wayne in 2015, and how the churches joined together to share the gospel.
One of the men was from Houston Texas, and when I asked if he had heard of Revive Texas he had!
He was very interested in how we were led to come to talk to them in that hotel that night? He had learned about the gifts of the Spirit in church the previous Sunday, and was very curious on how they functioned in us that night.
We shared and prayed with the man who wanted to know more and left him very excited about what the Lord did to reveal himself personally to him.

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