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Love, Listen, Discern, Respond

I was in the downtown Subway one evening, and there were two young ladies who were talking to each other about their painful experiences recently.
As I listened, I realized that they were not really listening to each other. They each were listening partially, then going on to tell the other another story about themselves. They were two complete strangers to each other.
My heart was hurting for each of them because they really needed to be loved on and listened to properly.
The Lord told me to sit near them and wait for an opportunity to share His love with them.
An opportunity presented itself in their conversation when they asked me a question. So I answered, and asked them to come closer so that I could offer them a free gift of a wristband. We all prayed together.
Over the next hour one of the ladies and I went through the Bible verses and talked deeply. (The other wasn’t interested.)
She shared many of her past hurts and confusion. I listened carefully and loved on her as much as I could in that hour. She was so thankful to have someone to share her pain with and to actually hear what she had to say.
I encouraged her in her walk with the Lord, as she was already a believer, but had just forgotten how close he really is in her life.
She asked me if she could have my winter gloves, and I gladly gave them to her in that moment. I told her she had to remember when she wore them, how much Jesus loved her!
Praise Jesus for His Love!

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