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Marching with Jesus

It was a busy day for the marching band kids, and they were doing a final practice run through before they loaded the buses to travel 3 hrs to compete.
A guard girl wretched her back when catching her flag and was in extreme pain. I saw her struggling to get up and down after she had eaten.
I asked her if I could pray for her and if she believed in Jesus? She said yes to both.
I said a short prayer for healing and explained to her that Jesus died for her sins and for her body to be healed.
We each went on with our day.
Eight hours later she found me and thanked me excitedly, saying “my back has felt marvelous all day”!!
I hugged her and gave thanks to Jesus for his faithfulness!
The band got gold with distinction!
What a Wonderful day!

One Response to Marching with Jesus

  1. Wow amazing!
    Jesus said these would follow those who believe.
    All we need to do is obey Him and pray for people. We don’t have to worry about if it’s going to happen or struggle. Jesus is the one Who told us to do it – so when we do He will do His part!

    These signs will bring people to Him and bring Him glory!

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