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Arrow hitting a Target

At the Wednesday night engage as we prayed for direction, one lady saw an arrow hitting the bulls eye on a target. Earlier she also got a lady in a red shirt with dark hair.

So, we went to Target.

We ended up praying for a few people who were working organizing shelves as we walked through the store.

Then we ran across a young lady and as soon as one of the lady team members asked her about praying for her she started crying. Incidentally, she had on a red shirt and had dark hair.

She had recently come back to the Lord and was praying for strength to stay with the Lord. Through the process she was ministered to and encouraged.

On the way out a couple of guys came walking through and one was upset voicing frustration about how someone did him wrong. One of the ladies said something about needing prayer, and he agreed, but she said she was serious and we would pray right then.

So we prayed for these guys and the Lord gave him peace and had a word for the other guy.

It’s something how we don’t know what we will do, but Jesus tells us and directs us and we find those people out of the whole city He wants to touch right then!

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