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Low hanging Fruit

Low hanging Fruit

My team went into a local fast food place for a quick snack. While sitting there we prayed for two or three employees that came out to bring us our food and then take away our trash.
The one young lady’s request was that we would pray for her mother. She had been in and out of the hospital a lot lately and she was concerned for all her health issues.
After we prayed with her we gave her a wristband and walked her through the scripture on the card. She had heard some of it before, but never explained in that simple manner. She asked Jesus into her heart and made him Lord of her life. We were not expecting our simple offer to turn into such a beautiful ending. We had not planned to do that at all, we were just willing to do what the Lord led us to do.
Sometimes all we have to do is be willing to ask if someone wants a prayer, and the Lord brings them into his kingdom. All the glory belongs to him!

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