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2 people saved

This Wednesday (9.26.18) we were directed to go to Walmart on N Clinton. As we arrived we realized it was not Walmart in particular but the area. We saw a group of young people at a table at Zesto as we drove by so we went there.

One lady was able to pray with two ladies and share the band. Around the corner was the group of people at a table so the rest of us engaged them.

One spoke English and Spanish, one spoke Spanish and one spoke Laotian and English.

We shared the Bible and band and took them through the Gospel. Two of them prayed to ask Jesus into their lives. The Laotian girl was Hindi but heard the word and was encouraged the Jesus loves her and is very special to Him. We emphasized that Jesus makes us good enough for Heaven and that our works never can. Being Hindi she was looking towards works.

It was a very good encounter and the Word was planted.

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