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Coffee Hour

My team was leaving First Assembly Church to go out to share Revive on Wednesday evening and we were trying to decide where to go. I said I don’t know where we are headed but I really need a cup of coffee before we get there!
I went in to get the coffee and was telling the clerk how excited I was to be hitting the streets. I told her that we love to explain to people how important Jesus is in their lives and how to make sure 100% that they are going to heaven. We pray with people and offer the good news of being certain.
As I was paying I asked her if she had any prayer needs and was she 100% sure of where she was going to be after she died? She wasn’t sure and said she would like to hear the Bible verses that I talked about.
I went to the car and got another team member and a Bible and we headed back in to share with her. The problem was the gas station was so busy that she had to keep ringing up other customers and we had no time to talk.
We sent a text into the prayer team and asked for a lull so we could share the verses with her.
Within minutes there was no more customers coming in! We went through all five color-coded Bible verses and no one interrupted. God is so Amazing!
She had never heard these versus before, and was very excited to make Jesus Lord of her life! she is willing to meet with me and learn more about the Bible and what Jesus means in her life.
We never left the gas station that evening, there were lots of encounters out in the parking lot and at the pumps. Sometimes you never get where you’re going because where you’re at is perfect for sharing! Praise the Lord!

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