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God directed – open doors

Wednesday 10.3.18 we prayed as a team on where to go. One member saw lights as in stadium lights at a sporting event. One team member thought of a particular softball field. As we started going east another member really felt is was the wrong direction and felt directed to go West. After driving and encountering one man and praying, we drove back to the church area where we started and considered what sports fields were there.

We went west from the church to the main road and went north then west again to Carroll High School as that is the only field we could think of. When driving into the lot we got to a certain place and found there was a soccer game going on and from our point of view there were two groups of lights just as one team member saw.

The Lord opened doors. At the front gate, the two ticket ladies were very open to being prayed for – one just through a surgery and was having issues.

Other things happened and at the end a couple of team members were able to plant seeds of the Gospel in a group of young people – some were muslims. They listened and it was very fruitful.

In the vision about the lights, the lights he saw were sort of dim like they had just been turned off. So we waited and didn’t leave until that happened. At the end we were the only people left and one of the head people asked us if we needed anything, so one team member spoke and explained and he was very open to prayer – in fact he said he prayed for the kids at the school every day. He was the assistant principle. There were two people left, a man and lady cleaning up. So we waited on them to finish and come out of the gate.

The man wanted prayer for his unsaved children.

The lady needed prayer for recently losing someone. While the ladies on the team were praying with her the man turned out the lights. The vision was fulfilled! We then felt released to go.

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