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Compressed spine healed

A team walked through the neighborhood west of Broadway at the Broadway Saturday Engage Day. a lady on the team said the Lord showed her they would encounter a man with lower back problems. As they walked they saw a man with a walker. When asked he spoke right up and said they could pray for his legs as he was losing them. They walked with him to his apartment. Along the way he explained that he had a compressed spine which gave him lumbar problems which caused pain down his legs. He also had a neck surgery and has been in pain ever since. The team prayed with him in his apartment and afterward he said he felt 30% better. The continued to pray with him. The pain left his back. They prayed more and the pain left his calf. They prayed still more until his neck was all the way lose and he could move his head more than before.

That morning he prayed to the Lord about his situation that he was in so much pain all the time. Jesus heard his prayer and caused us all to meet and Jesus walked into our midst and healed that man because He loves him!

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