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Holy Spirit takes the Wheel

Our team was led to the local truck stop where we met a truck driver from Chicago. We talked and laughed together for an hour or so just getting to know each other a bit.
He let us know that he had been struggling with a very difficult decision in the last couple days, and he had just figured it out 10 minutes before we arrived.
While we were walking through the wristband (Gospel) with him he started tearing up when we were discussing God’s love.
He asked if we were able to feel the feeling that he was sensing right then in between us?
Yes! That is the Holy Spirit!!
He shared that this was confirming that he had made the right choice in his big decision!
We finished reminding him that it is God’s grace that has saved him through faith. He was very thankful to have met us and to be reminded of just how much Jesus has done for him.
I love the Lord, I love the Gospel and I love sharing the Truth with others!

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