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Another lady saved, people healed

A team went through a city park and found several believers who needed prayer for different things. One lady was diabetic and had neuropathy, and had pain in her legs and tingling in her arms and hands. The team prayed for her. The tingling left her hands, and she could snap her fingers and feel them. Just before this she could not feel it. Her arms still tingled. The team prayed again and the tingling left her arms and her legs also felt better!

They encountered another lady who was saved. Asking for something to pray about, the lady couldn’t think of anything so the team prayed a blessing on her. After that one noticed that she had a finger splint on. She did something to her finger, and she said she had pain. So, the team asked if they could pray for that and she was open. Prayed once, her finger felt better. They prayed again, all the pain was gone. Jesus is Good!

They then encountered a group of people at couple of picnic tables. The team asked about praying and the people near didn’t have anything. They moved on to other parts of the table and one lady perked up and was interested out of the whole group. They asked if she was sure she would go to Heaven and she gave a definite no. The team took her through the tabs in Spanish (she could speak very little english). Afterward she prayed to ask Jesus in to her life, and she understood she would go to Heaven. So they had one lady that was interested out of the whole group of people. – look for those that want the good news and take time with them. The team will be following up with her with someone who speaks Spanish to better communicate and see how she is doing.

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