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Young lady very open – saved!

A team went to Foster Park on Sunday 4.22. After praying with a few people they met a young lady sitting at a table. As they engaged they found that she was not 100% sure she would go to Heaven, but said she wanted to know how to be sure. The team took her through the scriptures. After that she still was not sure, and felt she needed to be 100% pure from sin to go and that people go to Purgatory to be purged. The team then went back over some of the scriptures and explained how the blood of Jesus takes away all of our sins and it’s Jesus that makes us 100% pure from sin. They also explained that if what Jesus the Son of God Himself did isn’t enough to take away our sins then what can we add to it? After that she understood and was able to put her faith in Jesus instead of herself. They asked if she wanted to make Jesus her Lord and if there was anything or any sin standing in the way of making that commitment. She said she had before, but the team asked if she would pray with them to ask Jesus to forgive her and be her Lord. She prayed with them and after that she had a big smile on her face, her face lit up and she experienced being born again. The team explained that before she knew about Jesus but now He came into her life. They shared some more scriptures to confirm to her what happened in her life and what she had one. They also gave her direction in how to continue to follow Jesus and grow. They will be following up with her.

This lady was sitting there just waiting on someone to tell her how to be saved. The harvest is extremely ripe and ready. People are literally waiting to be saved, they are so open, they just need someone to tell them how.

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