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Jesus the Deliverer

A friend asked us to come to her apartment to pray for her and a friend who has been struggling. The young lady shared that she has been going through a lot lately and only finds relief in cutting herself. She has been to church, but never asked Jesus to be her personal Lord and Savior. We led her through salvation prayer of faith and she read the Scriptures from the revive Bible. Glory! She said she felt a relief after we prayed for her and no longer feels like cutting herself. In addition, she is already getting connected to a women’s cell group to be discipled. Next we prayed for the friend that invited us and she experienced Jesus’ power to set her free from fear and torment. She told us that she felt a weight lifted from her and the look in here eyes changed. Jesus is the Deliverer!

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  1. To add to this testimony, the friend that was saved also had heart issues and was experiencing rapid heart beat. We all laid hands on her and prayed for her heart to be healed and her heart slowed down. She also needs a new heart valve so we prayed for the Lord to heal her heart completely. After all, Jesus is our Master Healer, The Great Physician. And nothing is too difficult for Him.

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