See what God is doing!

Ask and you shall Recieve!

Walking the mall on the Engage day, we were having had a hard time finding people to pray with.
We stopped to ask the Lord for someone who was lost or hopeless, and make it easy,for us to know they were the one.
We turned the corner and I practically ran into the man right away! Our eyes met and we both said hi. I explained we were out praying for people today and would he like some?
He said “NO! I’ve been angry at God for 3yrs since he took my whole family” I offered him the free gift of the wristband and asked him to go thru the verses.
We walked through them, paying special attention to the blue verse, which talks about it being God’s grace. It’s nothing we do, good or bad!!
So he finally, after 3 attempts, received the “free gift” Christ had for Him!! Then he allowed our team to pray over him!
He thanked us for reminding him that God is still there for him!
Praise JESUS!!!❤ for his unfailing Faithfulness!

One Response to Ask and you shall Recieve!

  1. Amazing how the Lord arranges things so we somehow meet the right people at the right time! Things are timed just right, a minute before or after and we would have missed it!

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