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Meeting at the Mall

Jefferson Pointe is an open air mall in Fort Wayne, and last Saturday that open air was cold and windy. As our team arrived at the mall, I met a woman on her way into one of the clothing stores and sensed that I should ask her if I could pray for her. Her immediate response was much like the Samaritan woman’s at the well in John 4— “I’m very religious” was her automatic and defensive response. As I began to speak to her about God’s concern for her life, about His love for her and His desire for relationship— she stopped and listened despite being cold and in a hurry. She knew about religion, but it had never been about relationship for her. I quickly shared the wristband and a card, explaining the basis for receiving the love of God. She did not stay to pray, but I am praying that she will return to that card and conversation, and that she will take the step of faith to receive God’s gift of love. Saturday was a planting and a watering day, but soon there will be a harvest in some of those lives.

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