See what God is doing!

Jesus present & deeply touching people

On a Wednesday as we went out, we ended up in a cell phone store and someone on the team knew the manage from before.

As we talked with him, one of the employees, a young lady came by and saw the wrist bands. We told her what we were doing and she started holding back the tears. She had recently lost her Grandmother who was the prayer and spiritual support in her life.

As we prayed and talked, it became evident that Jesus was standing there with His arm around her. As we told her that, the tears came as Jesus touched her on the inside. After that we prayed and afterward her face was lit up and she felt a burden leave her.

It is so amazing and wonderful how Jesus goes with us when we go out and stands present to save, heal and deliver! Really, it’s that He is already out there reaching the lost, calling for us to come and join Him. So when we go, we are just going out where He already is. He is just waiting for us to do our part so He can then use it and do His part!

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