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Amazing Day at Broadway Engage

Our team went to the Lamplight to visit people.

We encountered a couple people then went to the area where people were sitting waiting for lunch time. We prayed for the first man who had been in an accident and had pain all the time in his hands, arms and shoulder.

After praying the first time, his pain went from an 8 to a 2. We prayed again. It went to a 1. We prayed some more and it went to 0. He was smiling and very happy from the tough of Jesus.

Then another lady came over and asked for prayer. She was going into surgery because of a lump and she had fear that she was going to die. So, we prayed for the lump to go away and to be free of the fear. We couldn’t check the lump right then but we believe Jesus touched her. He also took away the fear and she was really blessed and encouraged when we were done.

After that two of us walked towards where a couple of team members were talking with someone. A lady saw us and asked if we could pray for her. She had fallen on a knee and had pain, and it also messed up a disk in her back. So, we prayed for her knee, and the pain got a little better. We prayed again and Jesus healed it completely. That’s when she then told us about her back. So after a couple of times of praying for it all the pain was gone. Jesus also set her free of something. Afterward her whole face was lit up and her eyes were bright!

Jesus was so present it was amazing. We just prayed simple prayers with no “struggle”, and He healed them so easily!

Jesus is good and He was there to touch those people with so many health needs.

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