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Lady saved – rescued from cult – 2 encouraged

On the Thursday outreach from the Word of Life church, our team was led to go to Pontiac street. As we walked the area through some side streets, we encountered two people who were not sure they would go to Heaven. After going through the tabs they understood what it takes to go to Heaven and were then confident in their faith in Jesus.

Then the last encounter was a lady sitting on a porch, that said the Jehovah’s Witnesses were just there on Saturday and prayed with her. Then she said we could come up and pray with her. So we did, and took her and her son through the tabs. After that they both wanted to invite Jesus into their lives. After praying and talking the lady said how she felt like crying and didn’t want to in front of her son. Understanding that the Lord was moving in her, we then prayed for her more, and the tears flowed as Jesus touched her life. She told how she was reading the JW literature at night, which told us she was open and searching. We explained the error the of JW’s and how they come with partial truths then mix in their false doctrine. She felt betrayed by them and threw away their literature! Hallelujah its so good to see someone rescued from their evil deception. She is meeting back again with some team members who are going to follow up with her and give her materials with the truth to get her grounded.

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