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Gift for gift shop clerk

Standing in the hospital gift shop, looking at things for sale. I heard the clerk talking to a visitor, about what a really crazy time it was upstairs with their loved one. I heard the Lord say you need to pray with that girl, not the customer, but the gift shop Clerk!
I felt the Lord say she needs encouragement so she can really minister to people when they come in and talk to her about their stressful situations involving their patient upstairs.
I started talking to the young lady, about what an important job she has of listening to the people when they come in. She said yes, a lot of people talk and even cry when they’re in here because they are so stressed.
I shared with her about things that God wants us to do to help others. I went through the wristband and the Bible verses with her also. She was a believer but hasn’t been in church in a long time. I explained to her how the Holy Spirit gives us gifts to share with others to build faith. Then I asked her if there’s anything she wanted to be prayed for? She couldn’t think of anything, and I said I have something I believe the Lord wants me to pray over you. She was very receptive and we held hands.
The Lord had me pray for her to be able to listen and minister into people’s lives with His Love.
I explained to her what that meant after the prayer, and that if she filled her spirit with God’s Word, those words would change people’s lives!
I encouraged her to go back to church for support and learning. She was very excited and felt uplifted that God saw her. It was a very special time.

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