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Great day Broadway Engage Day! Followup

Last month we prayed for a man with back problems that was in constant pain and the Lord moved and healed him and relieved the pain. We went back today to check on him to see how he was doing.

He was having issues again… he said he felt better for some time then after going through some physical therapy pain has returned. He said as he went for his walks he was looking for us wondering if he would run into us again. He knew his help comes from the Lord.

So, we again prayed for him. We prayed at first, pain started relieving so we just did what Jesus said to do… pray with importunity. We did and the pain kept getting less. Young Malachi was with us and as he prayed for the man’s foot that was hurting the Lord healed it and the man could fell blood flowing through his foot and toes, which he couldn’t before. He started moving his foot and when he stood up he did some things and he said he couldn’t do that before.

This time we were able to share the tabs with him and encourage him about being saved by faith.

What about the pain returning? Does that mean that healing isn’t real?
Not at all. Things can happen with our bodies after we are healed the same as happens originally to bring pain. The object is to know that Jesus answers prayer and persevere in prayer until something happens, and if there is a back and forth, then we press in more fervently until we have the complete victory.

If someone takes an asprin and pain goes away, but sometime later they get another headache, do they say that asprin is fake and doesn’t work?

Also we need to know how to stand in faith and keep what God gives us and not let it be stolen away from us.

Knowing the Jesus touched him the first time encourages us even more that He will continue to heal him as we pray again, and we pray also for healing of whatever it is that caused the pain to come back. Jesus out of His love wanted to touch that man again and relieve His pain.

We are called to pray for one another because sometimes things like this are hard and we need the prayers of our brothers and sisters.

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