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Engage at the Arab Fest

We had a good day Saturday at the Arab Fest downtown.
We got to share with a lady who was already a christian but had a chance to encourage her.
Later, as we walked through the booths, we met a young man who was very friendly and open. He said he was a Muslim. He has Christian friends where he lives and has visited churches with them. We got to share the tabs with him and explain how Jesus took our punishment so we don’t have to, so we can go before God free of sin – Jesus makes us good enough for Heaven. We also explained how this opens up a relationship with God – not just following a set of rules. We talked about all the different Christian denominations and how man made rules get in the picture. He agreed that this all seem s very confusing. After we finished, he said he had never heard these things explained like this and was very thankful. He lives out of town but we exchanged numbers and will keep in touch.

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