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They continue after getting saved 11.15.17

The work continues… A young lady got saved last month at the Broadway Engage Day. She has been meeting with two ladies in a discipleship team. Last night she brought her husband, so a couple of guys came and joined in with one of the ladies on the team. He gave his life to Jesus and desires to continue to meet and follow Jesus.

The guys will work in a team to disciple him.

As the ladies have been discipling her, they find it a lot better to be able to have another team member present. When one is not sure how to answer the other will have something to join in with. It’s better for the social interaction, they encourage one another, and Jesus is in the midst when two or more gather in His Name.

If working as a team sounds more like something you could do, get in touch with us and we’ll get you connected. We are also looking at having some of the team members that first engaged people go along to follow up with the disciplers the first couple of times so they can get familiar with each other.

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