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Girl 11 gets saved! 9.24.17

The team went to the volleyball courts when it got dark since the lights were on and people were there. The players were just getting done and left. There was a group of 4 tween/ teens. The team waited until they came out of the court, and got their attention. After talking a little they were asked if they died today, if were they 100% sure they would go to Heaven. They weren’t and wanted to know how.

The team share the bible, and the amazing thing is that one of the girls, when the bible was passed to different people to read the verses, would get up and run over and put her head into the bible so she could read the verses for herself as the others were reading them.

She prayed to ask Jesus into her life. Afterward she said she felt like all her sins were gone and she a smile on her face. She was hungry was open to everything they said about continuing on with Jesus.

The hunger out there is amazing.

In talking it was found that her family was Christian and had gone to Karen language services on a church on Fairfield, but haven’t been going lately because of parents being busy working. One of the team members got the word “fair” before coming to the park that day and was asking if there was a street by that name around there. Looks like she got part of the name of the street and the Lord knew the young lady would be there to get saved.

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