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Amazing – Multiple Testimonies Sat 9.24.17

Amazing time Saturday night!

A team of four went to Foster Park Saturday evening. Upon praying some were directed one direction and some another so they split into two groups. One team encountered a spanish speaking family of four finishing a picnic at a table by the trees. Through a good effort at translation by the daughter they could communicate enough to ask about praying. The father had pain in his back so the team prayed and the Lord healed him and took the pain away. Then the team gave them wristbands and they were open to going through the verses. After that, they were not not sure if they had ever prayed to ask Jesus in, but the Father said it is good to pray and wanted to. The whole family prayed that prayer. Then everyone joined hands to ask God to fill them with the Holy Spirit and totally cleanse and set them free. The Lord moved on them all.

After that the team just felt like the Holy Spirit wasn’t done. They asked if anyone else needed prayer. Mom then spoke up and said she had back pain. A lady team member prayed for her and Jesus healed her back and took the pain away.

Then a team member prayed for young daughter individually. After praying she started swaying like she couldn’t stand up and hung on to her father and started crying. He sat her down, and because of the communication gap and how he was acting, we were not sure if she had some kind of problem or if it was God. Through broken english we found that she was crying because of “emotion” and it felt like “Jesus was right here”. They Holy Spirit was touching her in a deep way. The Team prayed for the rest of them. Mama sat down and put her head down and started crying, brother said he felt a burning in his chest. Father was touched.

Then they asked the father, since he had the back pain, to check to see if his legs were even. They were, and all the family’s legs were very even except for the daughter. The right leg was about 1/4″ short. Dad looked at her heels and ankle bones very carefully and could see the difference. A team member started praying, nothing happened. Then everyone laid hands on her leg, still nothing happened. Finally one said “well it looks like it didn’t grow. Usually the Lord grows it out when we pray. Then he encouraged her with “Jesus is going to take care of you. As you grow He will grow that out for you.” So right then she started crying and leaned over on her dad. Then they looked down at her feet again and found they were even. Dad looked at it and was amazed. Mom was crying.

They still felt like the Holy Spirit wasn’t done. So they joined hands and prayed some more. Afterward Dad was crying this time.

The team was with them there experiencing revival as God poured out His Spirit and kept moving on this family.

People are seeing amazing things as God is leading them to the hungry people. Revival is here! It’s more than an exciting time. People’s lives are being saved from going to Hell forever and will get to be with Jesus in Heaven! As we go, God is saving the lost!

Just think what would happen if the tens of thousands that go to church every week went into the streets of Fort Wayne and shared the Gospel, God moving on people everywhere like this. The city would be changed. Revival would spread across the land!

This is Jesus’ vision for the church. This is why He sent the Holy Spirit to empower us and said to “Go” and “I will be with you”.

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