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Two families saved

Foster Park outreach – ended up on the walking path by the golf course.

Met the first family along the way. The mom asked for prayer right away because she was pregnant and had two miscarriages previously. Then we took her and the kids through the tabs. They believed in God and Jesus but were not sure they would go to Heaven. They all prayed with us a confession of faith in Jesus as Lord.

Second family was again a mom and kids walking. They also weren’t sure they would go to Heaven.
They were very open. After going through the tabs, the kids (from young to high school) got it. After explaining and point out the green tab, that is reads “will be saved” most changed their response to 100% sure. We then pointed out that they got that straight from reading the Bible verses and not from us. You could see that it resonated with them. They also prayed a confession of faith in Jesus. Some still had some doubts so we dug a little and asked them why they felt that way. One was because they knew they hadn’t treated their friends right. That one prayed on their own about it. After that they had peace and felt confident that Jesus forgave them.

There are so many people right at the edge. The field truly is ripe for harvest and the laborers are few. There is plowed ground waiting to be reaped.

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