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1 Saved 1 Hears the Good News

Sunday a team went to Foster park.

As they went they first encountered a few believers. Then they encountered a lady at a bench watching the kids at the playground. In talking, they found out that the lady was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and had enough of the rules and religion. The team was able to take her through the tabs and explain that its about God loving us and wanting a relationship, not following a bunch of rules. She felt she wasn’t good enough to make to Heaven so they explained the blue and green tabs, how its a gift of grace by faith.

All this was new and she wasn’t ready to get saved but said she had not heard it explained like this.

The team prayed that the Holy Spirit would go with her and continue to talk to her about it and reveal Jesus to her.

After this they encountered another lady on a bench. When asked the question, she said she wasn’t sure she would go to Heaven. The team took her through the good news. She was willing to pray and ask Jesus into her life. She received the truth of the Word that by faith in Jesus He gives her eternal life. She already believed in Jesus and went to church.

There are so many who are so close – they have a willing heart, even go to church but never had been shown in the Word how they can be sure of Heaven. When they are shown, they want it and are open. The harvest is ripe, There is ground out there that is plowed that needs someone to reap the harvest by giving them the simple truth.

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