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I stopped at a subway on my way home from a church meeting. The young lady working seemed very stressed. She was working by herself and was running low on bread. It was a Friday night and there were lots of people coming in for food. I got my sandwich and stayed to eat in the restaurant hoping for a chance to pray with her. She said she had been to school all day, came right to work, and needed to go home after work to finish her math. She was struggling with her algebra.
As business slowed down, I got a chance to talk with her a little bit at a time, trying to see if she had faith and if she would receive a prayer. Especially for help with her algebra!
She was very interested and tried to understand what I was telling her about my faith. Turns out she was very hungry for the word of God! I asked her if she would go through five Bible verses that I had for her that could change your life?
Yes! She wanted to know more about Jesus!
About this time she ran out of bread and had to start turning customers away. Which made enough time for us to go through the Bible verses together. God works in mysterious ways!
This young lady was very excited and said yes to Jesus as her savior! we will be meeting for her to learn more about the Bible a little at a time. It was a wonderful experience for both of us.

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