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Out of the mouth of babes!

I brought my seven year old son JJ and my five year old daughter Haddie to Revive Broadway one Saturday. As we formed our evangelism group, we prayed for direction. We had no path in mind. So, we asked God for a path. The Lord gave my son the word “Kyle” and my daughter the word “Indianapolis”. Another child in the group mentioned that she used to be involved in some church activities out by Indianapolis road. I thought that was our clue. We set the GPS to head to Indianapolis road. Right away, we supernaturally encountered a father and daughter who were former neighbors. The timing was impeccable. 30 seconds sooner or later and we would have missed them as they rode their bikes out of sight. Then, our GPS path took us to KYLE road! Yes, it was an obvious decision to turn onto Kyle road! We prayed for a lady immediately in her yard. Another team member got a word “Body Shop” from the Spirit at the same exact moment we ran smack
dab into a body shop on KYLE road! There, we got to pray over a young man and bless him future marriage to his fiance.
Here is the point- the encounters were along the journey! As believers We can get so wrapped up in “destination evangelism” and “event based ministry” that God reminded us again that its the journey of life where ministry happens, not “lets go here and do ministry” or “lets go there and do ministry”. Let God set the course, and then he will show up along the Journey! And of course, let the little children speak! The Lord used them to set the path!

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