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Man saved

On the Saturday Engage at MFH, teams went out to different areas. Our team went to the Wells St area where we encountered several people. We went to a gas station where we talked with a man who was on break. He was a Muslim and we had a good spirited time of talking with him. We did get some truth into him, so some good seeds were planted.

After that we walked around and back to Wells St where we were led to go a certain direction. We went in one store where we were welcomed and the people working there (owners) prayed with us.

Not feeling done, we went to another store where the manager was very open, let us pray with him and take him through the tabs. To the question about if he would go to Heaven or not, he said “truthfully, right now I think I would go south because of the things I did when I was younger”. So then we told him that we had some good news for him. After going through the tabs, he prayed with us to ask Jesus to come into his life. He had some church when he was young. It’s always good when you feel like the Lord is leading a certain direction and it turns out like that.

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