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Team outing – Salvations!

We got together and went out to Engage on Sunday apart from an Engage Day event. We went to a city park where there were alot of people.

We first engaged a group of four people at a picnic table who spoke mostly Spanish, but to different degrees English. One of the people also translated for us when needed.

They were very open to prayer. After praying we gave them each a wrist band, and they were open to having us explain what the verses meant so we got to use the Spanish bibles. When we got to the green tab, the man reading lit up and said how he had never read that verse before, how it says we WILL be saved. He saw it was by faith.

So after going through the verses and them understanding what it meant they prayed with us to make and confess Jesus as their Lord!

We encountered another couple – also spoke Spanish. It was good in that the lady was taking English classes so we had a good time talking so she could practice her English and we could practice speaking some things back in Spanish.

We took them both through the tabs and they both prayed to ask Jesus to be their Lord!

We find a lot of open hearted people who believe in God but have never been shown how they can know they will go to Heaven when they die. Once they see it in the Bible they want it. They are on the edge but just need to be shown the last step of what it takes.

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