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Good day in Fort Wayne

Back in Goshen after all day being at #ReviveFtWayne. I saw someone with blue eyes also color blue. Good day of prayers of encouragement , prayers for families, and healing for lady’s foot after 3 surgeries. She was sitting in a blue car with the window down and when asked how we could pray she was very willing. As all 4 of us laid hands on cast and toes. She said her toes tingled then her foot and leg started getting hot under the cast. We believe God healed her foot and that this will be the last surgery and full usage of her foot was restored. Her daughter asked for prayer over her bronchitis, so I prayed for complete healing for her. Was a good day listening to testimonies of teams. Another young man and lady we prayed for, the guy had been approached in the Vape store couple months ago and asked again for prayer for his family. He had blue eyes that I saw. We prayed about lady’s uncle in hospital with flu, and she felt she was going to heaven because she does good things, a team member went through the verses with her and she said she had confessed and believed Jesus died for her and we explained about good acts and doing good things are good to do, but scripture she read says that won’t get her to heaven. We encouraged her that what Jesus did for her will get her into Heaven. We also got one firm No and others said they were good.

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