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Word going deeper with return visits

Our team went out on the Saturday Engage Day from Broadway Christian. We went to Lamplight, an assisted living place downtown. The doors are open for us to come anytime and pray and talk to the people there.

We shared with a lady we have talked to before. She would always talk to us, but didn’t believe in Jesus. She was upset about some things and a lady on our team was able to connect and the lady shared her frustrations with her, and afterward let the team member pray for her. This seemed to open a door. During this, the team member asked her if she was a believer and she said “yes”. So after they were done, I asked her if she believed in Jesus now. Then she said no. So we just asked her what she thought about Jesus to get her talking and draw it out of her. We found that she believed in God but thought Jesus was just a man. Also she had problems with people she knew and talked about how they said they believed in Jesus but then drank alcohol and did other things. So the door opened for us to deal with these stumbling blocks. We shared verses that showed where Jesus and the Father are one. Then we were able to really explain to her how our sins were transferred to Jesus on the cross, which she didn’t understand either. So afterward she accepted and believed what we told her. This was an open door because we never got that far before.

We then asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her life, but she said no, and found that she has voices telling her what to do. We explained that Jesus can set her free of those. So she wasn’t quite ready but God is working in her and bringing her to that point.

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