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Man saved – never heard it explained like this

Revival continues in the neighborhood of New Life. It was rainy on Wednesday and a team returned on Thursday to go through the neighborhood. As they walked to follow up with someone they had spoken to another week, a man was just coming home from work. The team waived and the man waved back and was friendly – open door. The man had been talking to his wife about the Bible, said he would go to Heaven but we continued and found he had never really committed his life to Jesus. The team took him through the bible, and he did have an understanding of things that were sin from the yellow tab. They explained the later verses to him. He had never heard the Gospel like this. They asked if he was at the point where he would like to make Jesus his Lord. He said yes, so they prayed and he asked Jesus into his life. The team will be going back to check on him. His wife is connected to a church so he has a place to get fed.

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