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Lady saved 8.31.18

New Life Wednesday Engage Testimony: After leaving one home, we walked looking for another team. A friendly man outside saw us and said hi, so we introduced ourselves. He had to leave but we started talking with another lady outside in the yard. We asked her if she died today was she sure she would go to Heaven – she said yes. We asked if she was standing in front of God and He should ask “Why should I let you into Heaven”, she said because she is a good person and helps other people. We told her that God does want her in Heaven and He has a way for her to get there. She let us take her through the scriptures. When we got to the blue tab we got to point out that we can’t get into Heaven by doing good things we do because we still have sin and can’t be perfect, but Jesus makes us good enough for Heaven. She said she was at the point where she would like to give her life to Jesus so we prayed with her. We will be going back to followup with her as we continue to go though the neighborhood.

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