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Young lady saved, man ministered to, clear visions and directions

Our team went out to pray Sat at the MFH Engage Day onsite. As we prayed one team member saw a pizza place, one got Buckner Park, and another got the Fountain on Broadway St. So we had three different places in three corners of town.

As we continued to pray and ask for clearer direction, he got a clearer vision of the pizza place and saw that the name was Clara’s. He didn’t know there was a Clara’s in town and he isn’t from Fort Wayne. Later the Lord revealed 2:00 to be there. We went there after lunch (2:02 which is how it worked after the revive lunch). We prayed before going in and another got a vision of someone with a plaid shirt with dark hair. Right after we went in, a group of two ladies and 5 kids came in, one lady with a plaid shirt and dark hair. The one that got the vision also saw a waitress with dark pants, red shirt and also saw stained glass windows. If any of you know Clara’s Pizza King, that’s exactly how it is.

So we followed the group to sit next to them and right away one team member approached them asking if she could give the wrist bands to the kids, explaining what they were. She shared the Gospel with them, and one 10 year old girl wanted to ask Jesus into her life, which she did.

The waitress had dark pants and a red shirt on. She was saved and let up pray for her and was really encouraged.

Afterward we had a little time left so we went to Buckner Park and approached a few people who weren’t interested. Feeling drawn towards the front of the park, we thought it was the houses by the street. As we walked, it seems that we walked out of the presence of the Lord very abruptly at one point, so we stopped. Then one of us saw someone in a car right there. He didn’t want to be bothered at first but one team member felt the Lord was telling her to go to him. She approached again and we found he recently didn’t have a place to stay and we were able to encourage him, pray with him, and leave him a band and Bible. And we had some leftover pizza we gave him. He had to leave to get to work and didn’t have time to go through the Bible right then but we told him where to the church by the park. He was really touched and encouraged.

It’s amazing how Jesus shows us where to go and when, and how He knew who was going to be where and when, and He made things so perfectly clear when we asked. He did all of that to reach those people.

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