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9.12.21 8 saved, 3 “major” healings, 1 other healing

Went to Foster Park. Share with 2 ladies and daughter. Ladies knew the Gospel and were encouraged to follow Jesus. The daughter wanted to pray and get saved. Two other kids came up and the mom had them all pray with us.

Small group in the large pavillion practicing for a dance routine for a 16 yr old’s birthday.
Her mom got saved there a couple weeks earlier but she wasn’t ready yet. They took and break and we went and said hi and she thought about it and was now ready to get saved.

We kept asking the Holy Spirit whether we were done yet – one of us had something they wanted to do that day, so that was on our mind – should we stop or keep going? The Lord kept directing more people to go to every time we prayed.

Met a family by the white pavillion at a picnic table under trees and the son prayed to get saved. They hadn’t been going to church so we were able to give them contact info to a spanish church.

Walked back around the the park. Went to a lady on the bench by the playground. As we went up, found she was deaf and was sort of talking and doing some signing. As I tried to spell words back, she was shaking her head no, and I thought she was saying she didn’t believe in jesus. Then I realized that I was siging in English, but she knew Spanish so we had a double communication gap. Her younger son came up and was able to help translate a little.

So, knowing she was deaf, we asked if we could pray for her ears and she was open. Prayed the first time nothing. Second time, she motioned to her son that she could hear a little better. We kept praying until she said she could hear good.

Shared Spanish Gospel materials – showed her a prayer of salvation. Couldn’t have her pray with us, but she was nodding her head in agreement.

Next was a lady at the playground with Thyroid cancer. As my wife prayed the Holy Spirit made it obvious that the spirit went out of her. We then pressed in more for the physical healing part to be done.

As we stayed in that area talking to people, a little boy did something on the slide and was crying and saying he couldn’t feel it – his knee or leg. His dad was rubbing it so we got a little bold and went up and said we would pray for it if they wanted. The dad asked his son and the son said yes. So, we prayed and it felt better, prayed another time or two and he said it didn’t hurt any more. We then told him about Jesus and he never asked Jesus into his heart and he wanted to. Afterward he just stayed and listened to us very intently, wasn’t distracted or didn’t want to go around and play. The Lord really touched him.

The Holy Spirit kept directing to stay – so we died to self and stayed to do what He wanted, not what we wanted.

Another two people heard the Gospel and got saved. Others He directed us to to sow the Word so He could use it.

At the end as it was getting dark there were a few left and we asked a group at a table. The daughter said her mom had arthritis. We told her let’s pray for her, the Lord will heal her. She got her mom off the phone.
Her hands were somewhat deformed by the arthritis. We started praying and asking how it felt. The pain kept going away. We prayed until she said it was all gone. She moved her hands around and her arms up and down and she had no pain. We didn’t know her arms hurt too. They told us she had had that for 16 years. Just think, this lady has suffered with this pain for 16 years and now in a few minutes Jesus took the pain away.

And it’s so easy, because we don’t do anything! Jesus said to pray for the sick to be healed so we do. We don’t feel anything, no big power, Jesus just heals them.

It was one of those times when Jesus was very present in the midst doing all kinds of things one right after the other. Saving, healing, and giving the Word to those who just needed to hear.

For revival to happen and Jesus ministry to take place, we have to die to our own pleasure and take up Jesus’ pleasure. We could have gone for a couple hours and left – and all these people would have missed what Jesus had for them. It’s not easy – we will have a battle. But we can ask Jesus to keep us going and not let us fail. He will deal with us – it’s by Him – not us. None of us can take any credit because it’s only by Jesus dealing with us that He gets us to do what He wants.

And all this is to His Glory – all Glory belongs to Jesus. He does it all.

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